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Engfield patent lawyer Ottawa

We’d like to give a shout-out to Engfield patent lawyers in Ottawa. While they aren’t a client, they have provided us with some online marketing help, and for that we thank them.

Engfield  offers  highly-experienced and cost-effective patent and trademark advice. They’re a boutique law firm that specializes in patents, trade-marks, copyright, and intellectual property litigation and licensing. They help clients across Canada and internationally with patent drafting, filing and prosecution, as well as trade-mark filing and prosecution. Engfield enforces your trade-mark and patent rights through negotiation and litigation, and helps you control the use of your intellectual property by others, through licensing, as well as managing the sale of those assets.

Nyall Engfield, principal of Engfield, is also well-known in technology circles across Canada (including many tech professionals right here in Victoria and Vancouver), and runs the excellent Canadian Cycling Blog (which is how we got to know him).