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victoria web marketing12 tips for using press releases in local online marketing Is your small business taking advantage of one of the most basic marketing tools – the press release? While there are online services that specialize in broadcasting your press release far and wide, and even help get your business on the front page of Google’s search results, press releases are also effective tools for briefly and powerfully explaining what your business does, the problems you help solve, and the customers you’re trying to connect with. So, here are 12 tips for using press releases in local online marketing Bonus link: Using press releases for improving PageRank 9 tips for optimizing your website for Mobile users Thanks to ever-increasing smartphone adoption, more and more people are accessing the web using a mobile device, such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Android device. What’s more, these “mobile” users are searching for local businesses and services – it pays to make sure your website is optimized for local search. But how? Here are 9 tips for optimizing your website for Mobile users Bonus link: Android Has More Market Share, But Apple’s iOS Sends More Traffic Is your new website optimized for search? Creating a new website for your business can be a long, hard slog, and often it’s tempting to finally say “enough is enough!”, flick the switch, and make the thing go live. But not so fast! Web design ain’t over until the SEO sings. 5 tips for choosing a content management solution While originally intended for “enterprises” (large businesses that typically run complex websites that are frequently updated, often automatically, or by dozens of people), this checklist of 5 tips for choosing a content management solution (CMS) is also useful for helping small businesses keep track of SEO (search engine optimization). More bonus links  – Nevin Thompson writes a weekly blog column for Victoria web marketing company JumpStartWeb.

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